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Why does Counseling from a Licensed Professional Help?


 Thank you for considering Mind-Over-Matters counseling to help in your discovery of answers and changes for a more fulfilling life. Therapy truly is a setting for rich and easy-going conversation, where clients can share and sort out their diverse and complex lives. Taking the approach that the client has the answers, I then collaborate in helping to build insight and develop perspectives around those situations and events requiring the most attention. As a licensed counselor (LPC), I offer extensive education, training, and dynamic tools for enhancing awareness and effectiveness. To help equip clients with tools for life, I offer the following: cognitive management (CBT), trance work (hypnosis, certified medical hypnotherapist), body/somatic work (thought-field therapy), and limiting habit/obsession recognition (certified addictions counselor: CACIII). With flexible office hours (weekdays: mornings to 7 p.m. or later upon request) and an easy location, I'm just a click or phone call away from helping you get unstuck.


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