What is Counseling?

Thank you for considering Mind-Over-Matters counseling to help in your discovery of answers and changes for a more fulfilling life. Therapy offers you a chance to talk about your feelings and think about what You ‘want’. Therapy helps prevent further self-deception, and provides the safety to share that with another human. I collaborate with you to help in sharing and changing what’s going on in your head. You no longer need to let the negative things that have happened to you take on a life of there own. As a licensed counselor (LPC), I offer extensive education, training, and dynamic tools for enhancing awareness and self-reliance. To help equip clients with tools for life, I offer the following: cognitive management (CBT and Neuro-Linguistic Programming), trance work (hypnosis/certified medical hypnotherapist), body/somatic work (thought-field therapy) and correcting limiting habits and addictive mindset (certified addictions counselor: CACIII). With flexible office hours (weekdays: mornings to 7 p.m. or later upon request) and an easy location, I’m just a click or phone call away from helping you get unstuck.